The Investment Analysts Society is aware of the ongoing requirement for continuous professional development for a number of its members. Annual targets for CPD points are now a requirement for Financial Service Providers (FSPs), stockbrokers, accountants and members of many professional bodies.

The IAS now intends issuing CPD points to its members for certain of its services in order to assist with this ongoing requirement for Continuous Professional Development and CPD points.

With this objective, the following initiatives have been taken.

Recognition by Financial Planning Institute of South Africa (FPI) as a Recognised Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Provider
The IAS has entered into an agreement with FPI to provide CPD programmes and points under the auspices of this body. The FPI will approve any educational and other events arranged by the IAS as qualifying for CPD points.

It is intended that the IAS will apply to FPI for its next educational workshop to be held on 26 March 2019, to be a recognised event for CPD points. This workshop will be addressed by Economist, Mike Schussler, who will present on his research into the capital depth of the South Africa pension fund industry in a global context. Further details on this event will follow shortly, but if you wish to make a diary entry, details are:

Date : Tuesday 26 March 2019
Venue : JSE Auditorium
Time : 17h30 for 18h00

Registration with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as a "Professional Body"
The IAS has initiated the process to be recognised by SAQA as a professional body, with a suitable designation for its members. This is a lengthy process, but the IAS has the records, structure, history and infrastructure to qualify for such recognition.

This will enable the Investment Analysts Society to issue CPD points and programmes on its own to its members and other professionals. We will keep members informed on progress with the SAQA registration.

CPD Education, Training and Skills Development Events
In order to provide relevant CPD points to its members, the Society will focus future education events on:

  • Improving research and analytical skills.  Rated, experienced investment analysts will be invited to provide comprehensive lecture courses on such skills development.  The IAS members consist of a significant number of top analysts who would be asked to share their expertise with younger or less experienced members.
  • Increasing knowledge of the operational environment for the financial industry.
  • Encouraging readership of IAS Journal articles.

CPD Platforms
Your Society is investigating the appointment of a platform that will host, register, record and test knowledge for the issuing of CPD points and which will then provide CPD certificates for events hosted by the IAS and other professional bodies, with whom it will jointly host events.

We will advise of the steps required to register and qualify for CPD points for the various workshops we arrange in the invitations to such events.

By taking such steps to provide continuous professional development to those members that require such services, the IAS is intending to become even more relevant in the lives of its members. 

Ann Marie Wood, Executive Officer and Mike Brown, IAS Board member, have been mainly instrumental in driving the CPD initiative and you are welcome to contact them, should you require any further information or to make suggestions on expanding the CPD programme.



Ann Marie Wood

Mike Brown

Executive Officer
011 791 0105

Board Member
010 446 0377